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Focus - Knowledge


FOCUS: We are focused on establishing and preserving your inventory accuracy and financial integrity.


KNOWLEDGE: Our focus delivers extensive knowledge of financial, inventory, manufacturing, and distribution processes as well as a deep understanding of your JDEdwards system.


GOAL: To eliminate our client’s inventory reporting headaches. We help our clients establish inventory accuracy, and prove financial integrity by implementing a process where on hand, item ledger, and general ledger tie without any unexplained variances.


Specialties - Services


  • JDEdwards Inventory Reconciliation
  • JDEdwards Inventory Integrity
  • JDEdwards Inventory Valuation
  • JDEdwards Inventory Costing
    • Standard Cost
    • Weighted Average Cost
    • Actual Cost
  • JDEdwards Manufacturing Accounting
  • JDEdwards Product Costing
  • Custom Inventory Reconciliation and Costing Tools

Currently implementing JDEdwards?

Do you want to avoid common pitfalls which can impact the integrity of your inventory and financial systems?


Already have JDEdwards?

Have you already implemented JDEdwards?
Do you find yourself struggling at the end of every month to reconcile inventory, and explain variances that you just don't have answers for?
Are auditors driving you crazy to provide explanations about why on hand, item ledger, and general ledger don't tie?
Does your reconciliation process seem impossible and the tools you have to work with lacking, manual, and labor intensive?
Do you feel buried under a mountain of data that appears to be corrupt and don't know what to do about it?



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